YouTube Alternative: 4 best video sharing sites

YouTube is the biggest video platform and leader in the world of video sharing services. It has more than 1 billion users base that is awe-inspiring but the excesses of clickbait, ads, recommended videos that you don’t want to see while watching your favorite videos. Thanks to the YouTube alternatives that are thriving with the existence of YouTube. If you are tired of these YouTube’ junks and want to watch ad-free videos then the following list is surely for you. Pick the one which you like the most, let’s get into it!


Vimeo’ user base is less than YouTube but it has established itself as a quality video content site. It is the first choice for creative people, especially for artists and filmmakers. It offers the long-form videos that mean you can watch movies and TV series here. Vimeo offers the pro and free plan, it is a great platform for promoting your business visual content. With its pro plan, you can upload the unlimited content and monetize your videos using PayPal. Vimeo only allows you to publish 4K ultra HD video content, that’s why it is famous for its high-quality content.


Metacafe is very similar to YouTube but its theme color is blue while YouTube has a red theme color. It allows the short-form video and users can publish 90-seconds video. Although it is less popular than YouTube it is 2 years older than YouTube. If you are looking for bite-sized visual content then Metacafe is the best place to go.


Dailymotion is very similar to YouTube due to its similar interface.  It is very easy to use and it has almost the same video categories. Dailymotion doesn’t allow its users to upload 240p quality video content that means you can’t upload cell phone made videos. But if you compare it with YouTube then you will realize that it has relaxed policies. You can explore every type of videos here by putting the term in the search bar at the top.


As you know, cryptocurrency and blockchain are the hottest trends all around the world. DTube is a new video streaming platform which is based on the blockchain. DTube also offers monetization option to the content creators. It is the best YouTube alternative where you can watch a variety of videos on every topic that you think of.


IGTV was launched in June 2018 which is a video streaming app and launched by Instagram. Instagram introduced this app to increase the video content on this platform and promote the vertical and long-form video content on smartphones. In the near future, people will use smartphones more than their desktop computer that means it will thrive in the coming years. You can view different types of visual content from food to fitness, travel to sports, entertainment to fashion and beauty to celebrity news. It allows its users to publish the one-hour long video. You can access it by clicking on the orange TV icon within the Instagram app or upload its standalone app. All these versatile features of IGTV makes it a good YouTube alternative.