Top Places to visit in Guerguerat


In the Western Sahara, Guerguerat is a small city. It is located with Maurithania, eleven kilometers from the border and five kilometers far from the Atlantic Ocean. It comes under the government of Morocco. Desert lovers love to visit this area due to desert beauty. Foreign currency exchange booths are available at four different spots throughout the city for international travelers. Wonderful Night life of this small city is the greatest attraction. Parks and beaches are filled with amazing fauna and flora. You can visit many places in the city. These are most famous public places. It is a well-organized city that is designed with multi-storied building and tree-lined avenues in a modern way.

  1. Boulenouar

It is the spot near Guerguerat that is full of life. With wonderful sites and a core of Skyscrapers it is town full of energy and modernism and traditional culture of desert. Zoo, sports facilities, trails, high parks, several green spaces are the splendor of the town. A real attraction for the travelers the town offers wonderful social life by offering the incredible night life. The skyline buildings and the huge shopping malls are the attraction of the city that makes your stay unforgettable.

  1. Hofrat Lakhbiy

It is the spot that is the sign of refreshing feel and nourishment. It offers the exotic and extensive planting ranges. It is the spot that is the prime attraction of the area. It looks gorgeous due to the brightly painted buildings that are eye-catchy and great for glorious confusion. It is highly wonderful due to energetic night life.

  1. Sbjet Balatia

It is a famous water feature near city. Likewise, in case you need something and you don’t see here. These are composed for the gaining the extreme style and providing you inspirational feel. It is a famous water feature and beautiful spot. It is the prime source to attract the tourists. You must have to visit the area for enjoying the sweeping waterfront to enjoy water in the desert. Your enjoyment will never complete without going the popular Welsh-Italian ice cream parlors. There are many beautiful and exciting spots for the visitors. It is a real source of the enjoyment and a perfect spot for fun. This spot is a renowned and the best commercial center that has begun working in design and style industry and now has demonstrated it an unconquered figure.

  1. Uad Laaid

It is one of the important water features that grab travellers. It is a real kid’s attraction. For offering great fun and true entertainment to kids and families it is famous around the globe.

If you have planned to visit the city then it is a great idea. The nightlife of the city is amazing. Attractions are in all corners of the city from Broadway shows to historical landmarks.  Passengers are free to take affordable and eco-friendly light-rail service inside the city. It is the famous area that provides real fun of entertainment to tourists.