Maria Victoria Henao life’s Biography

Maria Victoria Henao has gained a huge recognition for being the wife of a king of cocaine and narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar. She got married to Pablo in 1976 and its relationship turned into ling long partnership as their relationship last for seventeen years since the death of his husband. He was shot dead in 1993 by the Colombian police in an encounter. This weirdly beautiful duo shared two kids together, a son and a daughter. Read on to know more about the life of Henao including her early life, married life with drug lord Pablo Escobar, her life after the demise of Escobar and her current life.

Maria Henao Early life

Victoria Henao was born in Colombia in 1961 and grew up with her sister and brother in her native town. Her older brother Carlos was the best friend of Pablo and used to work with him in his small-scale enterprise. She holds the Argentinian and Columbian nationality and hails from white ethnicity

Maria Henao Career and Husband’s Career

There is no information about the career of Maria Henao as she did not pursue any profession after her marriage with Pablo Escobar. However, her husband was one of the biggest cocaine king and narco-terrorist of the world. Moreover, he was also the richest man in the world at that time. He started his criminal activities at his young age by stealing vehicles and selling contraband cigarettes. Later, He started some other illegitimate works like kidnapping, drug marketing and many more. Although, Pablo Escobar was shot down by local police forces of Colombia in 1993 while he was celebrating his 44th birthday.

Maria Henao Personal life

Maria Victoria Henao got married in 1976 after two years of dating. At the age of 13, she met with Pablo Escobar through her elder brother Carlos. She was 15 years old and Pablo was 26 when they decided to get hitched but her family opposed their marriage that led the couple to elope. The duo had eleven years of an age gap but they tied the knot. After one year, Maria got pregnant and the couple welcomed their first baby Juan Escobar (now Sebastián Marroquín). In the year 1984, Maria gave birth to her second child and this time it was girl Manuela Escobar.

The duo spent seventeen years together despite Pablo’s criminal record and extramarital affairs.  But Pablo Escobar shot dead by Police forces on December 2, 1993. Her death came with a lot of controversies and difficulties in her life. She even lived a life of refugee for numerous years. Later, she migrated to Argentina from Columbia and changed her name from Maria Henao to Maria Isabel. Now she is living in Buenos Aires in an apartment with her family.


Maria Victoria Henao is now 57 years old. She is currently a businesswoman in Argentina who is running her real estate business. But she is living a low key life and she was seen on media in 2001 when she was arrested for money laundering case.