How to select the most suitable mouthwash

This is important to find a right mouthwash for people of all ages. A wide range of mouthwashes are available in market. You can choose a suitable mouthwash for yourself. You have to maintain your oral health and condition. UK health survey shows that use of mouthwash is popular among younger adults. But it is important for people of all ages to maintain their oral health. You can use a suitable mouthwash recommended by health professional.

Types of mouthwashes

Different mouthwashes are available for health maintenance. Basically there are three types of mouthwashes. These mouthwashes include plaque inhibiting, preventive and antiseptic. Different benefits are related to these mouthwashes types. Different value added benefits are provided by mouthwashes. Basically purpose of mouthwash is to keep your mouth fresh. Another confusion about mouthwash usage is that you cannot take it as substitute of toothpaste. There is nothing which can take place your regular oral health of toothpaste with toothbrush. You can take it as extra care of your oral health. Here we talk about different types of mouthwashes.

  1. Plaque inhibiting mouthwash

This kind of mouthwash helps you to remove bacteria which adhere to mouth surface. It includes a wide range of ingredients like different chlorides which help your teeth to be strong enough to tackle with bacteria. It includes menthol, hydrochlorides and thymol. It helps to prevent forming of bacteria colonisation. Oils included in this kind of mouthwash disrupts bacterial cell wall and bacterial enzymes.

  1. Antiseptic mouthwashes

These kinds of mouthwashes help in oral health management. This kind of mouthwash contain chlorhexidine which supports your teeth against fungi, spores and bacteria. This mouthwash is used when a person cannot brushes regularly for maintaining oral health. This is used in case of oral ulceration and mucosal situation. Antiseptic mouthwash is used as an alternate to regular oral health brushing. You may need oral surgery when brushing is difficult. This kind of mouthwash is used in 10 to 15ml amount for 30 seconds almost. This procedure should be revised two times in a day for one month. It is suitable to use after five minutes of tooth brushing. It will not affect adversely on teeth.

Excessive amount of chlorhexidine may take the risk of blood pressure and heart attack as well. There should be 0.12 percent chlorhexidine in mouthwash for preventing such diseases. It will affect positively on oral health.

  1. Preventive mouthwashes

This kind of mouthwashes contain fluoride which take preventive measures again tooth decay. Such mouthwashes are recommended for patients who suffer oral diseases from or over eight years. During braces treatment of teeth, this kind of mouthwash is recommended due to fluoride inclusion. You can apply it with two options. One is on daily basis containing 0.05 percent sodium fluoride and other is on weekly basis containing 0.2 percent sodium fluoride. These mouthwashes should be used for not over than one minute.

In addition to these, there are different other mouthwashes that are used in different conditions. These conditions may include drug addiction, autoimmune disease and radiotherapy.