How to find people and increase the number of followers in TikTok

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The social network has become popular due to the ability to shoot short videos and download them online for viewing by other users, including more than 800 million people. Emerging Influencers and brands buy TikTok video shares and followers that help them to increase their exposure. Therefore, in TikTok, people can be searched in several ways. However, before looking for someone, you need to know what a TikTok account is.

Advantages of the service

TikTok is an application for watching interesting clips on a smartphone or computer. To create a truly original clip, users can transfer it to a draft, applying music to the image, applying available effects, and masks. All of this is necessary to please those who view the created video. To shoot clips and download them online, the user must register. At the same time, he fills in a profile, indicating personal data, adds a TikTok photo by which he can be recognized.

Ways to find people on TikTok

There are several ways to find people in TikTok. We consider each of them in detail.

 Person search

Users search their friends on the social network to continue communicating with them or simply are interested in their content. To do this, find the user and follow to their page.

 Search for users in TikTok.

To find a person on TikTok, you will need:

  • Open the app and log into your account.
  • Below click on the magnifying glass image.
  • A window will open popular listing hashtags.
  • The site search bar appears at the top.
  • Here you can search for a friend by name or ID. To do this, the desired value is entered, and the “Enter” key is pressed.
  • Next, the window will display a list of users who respond to the requested data.


In TikTok, a search can be performed by:

  • username
  • The name indicated when filling the profile.

You will see a list of all the users by entering a search string of a character or letter.

Using the method described, finding a friend in TikTok only to those who are registered on the site is possible. But there is the possibility of selection without prior authorization.

For that:

  • Download TikTok on your smartphone and open it online without using the “Sign in” tab.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to go to the search.
  • Write an identifier, a name, or simply type a few letters.
  • Press Enter”.

You can find a popular account in TikTok in the recommendation feed or by using hashtags.

The difference between the two methods described is that registered users can add the person they have found to follow their updates to receive notifications about them on their main page.

How to understand who entered

Service members can see who has visited their page. It is necessary:

  • Open the application and go through the authorization procedure.
  • At the top right, click on the “Messages” icon. It displays information about the participant’s activity.
  • The inbox provides information about the guests.
  • By clicking on the first of the notifications, you will see visitor statistics. List near the people previously connected.

What affects the followers?

The more followers there are to the ticker, the more information about his work will appear in the thread of other participants. They can like, comment on, and recommend viewing to friends. Thus, there is free promotion of the account. Moreover, buy TikTok likes if you want to get instant success on TikTok and save your time and efforts.