Best Offline android games 2020

Android Offline Games was introduced by Google Play in the year 2014 that allows you to play games either free or paid without internet access. Albeit, this section has an abundance of choice by regularly updating but here we will discuss some best offline android games. These offline games are not stand out from the crowd but also give you a great gaming pleasure.


ICEY is the best choice when it comes to action hack-and-slasher game. This game has robotic rivals with samurai slashes, cybernetic spins, and protagonist dashes. You need to run and fight through different stages of the game. The game has a contemporary beat-em-up romp and responsive narrator that pushes you in the direction of your competitor with an arrow

Reigns: Her Majesty

This is a game of Thrones where you swipe or die but it’s always fun. You always restore back into royalty to shot again and again. It is a sequel to Reigns but this time it comes with a Tinder-style swiping. Reigns: Her Majesty is all about queen’s fancy shoes but the basic idea is same. The new thing is that you can select cards and items. Players can also decide the budge of the kingdom, army, people etc.

Thimbleweed Park

However, Thimbleweed Park is an old adventure game but it is one of the best offline android games with some modern features. You can play it completely offline. Ron Gilbert who is Maniac Mansion creator turns a persuasive yarn, significant of the X-Files and Identical Peaks, two distinctive FBI agents inspecting a slaying secret in a particular town. Primarily distrustful of each other, the Feds understand they have to work together to elucidate the mystery. As the plot congeals, two local rebels get involved in it and things get uncanny.


A well-designed game that set down your central character on a hazardous world with an aim to form a base, defeat your foes, and ultimately abscond back to space. The game is easy and fun to play and a well-run account makes it easy to return resources with your base and items.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is a tactical strategy game that allows you to control your team tasked with sorting groups of antagonistic alien fiends. While this game is so simple but it is difficult to master in it as its tasks become gradually tougher. But there are some chances that you get an upgrade your team with new members, prevailing arms, and outlandish tech. You can play this tactical strategy game with online multiplayer but the offline fight is good enough to keep you busy.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is fantastic car game that needs no introduction. It pleased the users with its astonishing graphics and flexibility that is a great option while you are using touch screens. Its updated version brings more rewards, trucks, and cars. But beware of bugs that can spoil the pleasure of your game.


Hope, this list of best offline android games can give you a good chance to play some adventurous games and prove a treat for your free time.