3 Best Alternatives to Notepad++ Mac

Most of the people search for the best alternative to Notepad++ MAC to run Notepad++ on Mac and iOS as Mac is not extremely open source operating system as compared to the Windows. The reason is that Notepad++ is too much stable and you can edit your text file within minutes without crashing that can lose all your progress. These alternatives also give you data recovery solution while you installed them on your computer. They can recover over 200 files with a single button press. These tools also help you to keep the data protected and more organized. In this post, you will discover some considerable alternative to Notepad++ on Mac. The following alternatives are highly recommended as they are stable, native and have mature Mac applications. Let’s dig into it!

Best Alternatives to Notepad++ on Mac


First off, we talk about ‘Brackets’ that is contemporary text editor made that is developed with the basic needs of the web. In fact, it has the live preview feature that permits you to promptly see changes to CSS and HTML files in any web browser with LESS and SCSS files. You can work on coding without any popups as it shows all the CSS selectors with that ID in an online window. It is free, smooth and open source software like macOS application. The ‘Brackets’ runs great on older Macs as it is very light weighted software. It claims one of the favorite Notepad++ Mac text editing alternatives of the people on a regular basis.


Textmate is a multipurpose text editor and most of the developers stated that it brings the approach of Apple to the operating system into the text editor’s world. The best things are that it has extensive features such as search and replace text, dynamic outline for working with multiple files, file tabs, clipboard history when working with projects, foldable code blocks, auto-indent for common actions and much more.

Regardless of its multiple features, it remains highly manageable even to unintended computers users who only edit text from time to time.  Textmate also provides the language specific IDE lacks by using its unique scoping system, powerful snippets, and macros.

Sublime Text

Next up is the sublime text that has extensive features and works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. In fact, it is feature-packed software that is designed for code and prose. This text editor helps you in customizable key bindings, macros, completions, splits editing, snippets, unmatched responsiveness, and menus. It is fabricated from custom components. However, it is free to download but you need to purchase a license for regular use. Sublime Text’s single personal license charges $80, which is not a minor amount as how many alternative text editors for macOS are available in the market for free of charge. But Sublime Text is considered as one of the most prevalent text editors through all operating systems is possibly the best proof of its capabilities.


We hope you enjoy this incredible journey. Download these alternatives for Notepad++ Mac and enjoy the free text editor.